Building 22-05-2014 At the 13 of May 2014, the city of Goteborg consulted the Dutch cycling experts to hear their approach on cycling in the city and the social and economic benefits of cycling. The Dutch Cycling Embassy provided a program for a one-day seminar to address some of the topics concerning bicycle planning. This seminar was a big success and well attended. The aim of the seminar was to provide as much information as possible about the way we work on bicycle infrastructure projects in the Netherlands, how we design for bicycles, how we gain (political) commitment and how we make cycling attractive. In addition we have also made a comparison between the Swedish and the Dutch situation about attention for cycling from the governments and the relationship between urban development and mobility. The aim of the workshop was to look at the design of the bicycle infrastructure projects the city and the region of Göteborg are working on. During the seminar we have showed the Move Meter, it’s one of our instruments to monitor cycling movements. Other topics were discussed How to translate the policy on bicycle planning into a program of concrete projects. How to get more insight on the return on investment (cost benefit analyses) of investments made in cycling infrastructure and facilities. How to arrange regional cycling infrastructure projects together with the 13 municipalities within the region of Göteborg. How to attract people to cycle within the city, region and province: ways to stimulate bicycle use. Background In cooperation with the region and the regional municipalities is the city of Göteborg working on a new policy plan on cycling in the city. This is an accompanying policy linked to the introduction of a congestion charge. When the policy plan is approved, the next step is to make an implementation plan.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy held a one day Bicycle Seminar and Design Workshop in Goteborg.

APPM, Herbert, Goudappel

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