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From Monday March 5h to Wednesday March 7th, two delegates from Japan visited the Netherlands to learn about the Dutch traffic safety.

In a series of meetings, the delegate from the Cabinet Office of Japan and the delegate of the Fujitsu Research Institute discussed Cycling in general and Cycling Safety in particular. The goal of the visit to the Netherlands was to gather and analyze good practices when it comes to traffic safety in the Netherlands in order to develop the ‘10th Fundamental Traffic Safety Program’. This safety program aims at reducing the number of traffic accidents in Japan.

On Monday, the visit was kicked off by a meeting at the City of The Hague for a presentation and a bike tour through the city. This provided the delegation with a feeling of what cycling means to the Netherlands. In the afternoon, the delegates visited the office of Mobycon to discuss traffic safety, education and bicycle networks with Mr. Johan Diepens. At night, a meeting with the National Cyclists’ Union was planned, where the delegates met with Mrs. Saskia Kluit to discuss the same issues.

On Tuesday March 6th, the delegates started with a meeting at the CROW. In the afternoon, they visited the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water to further investigate the National Governments’ efforts to improve cycling safety. During this meeting, Mr. Rob van der Bijl, visiting professor of the University of Ghent and Mr. Lucas Harms of the Knowledge Institute for Traffic Policy Analysis joined.

The visit to the Netherlands was concluded by a meeting to SWOV on Wednesday March 7th in the morning. The SWOV is at the forefront of research into traffic safety and therefore essential when discussing these matters. Overall, the meetings provided the delegates with a broad overview on what is needed to become a cycle nation, and how safety can be improved, for example through education.

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