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From 8-11 February the 6th Winter Cycling Congress was held in Moscow, organized by Let’s Bike It!

The congress is a yearly event initiated by the Winter Cycling Federation, which envisions a world where cycling year round is understood as a normal and practical practice, and where cycling is a viable transportation option for people of all ages and abilities. Four speakers from the Netherlands participated and shared their expertise: Erik van Dijk from Province of Utrecht, Marianne Hagenzieker from TU Delft, Peter Biczok from Bicyclize and Angela van der Kloof from Mobycon. Prior to the event the Dutch film ‘Why we cycle’ was shown in a public event.

As the one of the regions with the highest bicycle use in the world and the region with the top 2 cycling cities of the Netherlands, the Province of Utrecht is a member of the Dutch Cycling Embassy. During the event, Mr. Eric van Dijk, from the Province of Utrecht, explained the Dutch and more specifically the province of Utrecht’s approach to creating year round cycling conditions. The commonly shared conclusion of creating good cycling conditions were:

-Year round cycling starts with good cycling facilities,
-The system is as good as the weakest link,
-Keywords: Smooth, safe and comfortable,
-If the system is in order, winter conditions can be tackled easier,
-For both government as cycling advocacy groups the general interest of society is the common ground to start from.
Even though the climate in the Netherlands is usually not as extreme as in the Nordic countries, the basics of the Dutch approach and the half-century experience on cycling policies are applicable. During the successful event ideas, experiences and thoughts were shared between all participants.

Many other highlights of the vibrant event could be followed on Social Media. The following collection of Tweets gives you a good impression of the positive and cooperative atmosphere in which the event took place and the breath of topics that were covered.

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