Angela van der Kloof

Working at Mobycon

Angela is an enthusiastic project manager, speaker and trainer with over 20
years of working experience. She is specialized in cycling planning, education and engagement, including developments in electric bicycling. Angela has a background in Human Geography (MSc) and teaching (BEd) and works
on projects at local, national and international level and excels when working in projects with concrete results: presentations, reports, plans, brochures, workshops, trainings, deliverables, websites. It is her aim to be a source of inspiration and knowledge and create synergy between people. To her the bicycle and cycling are tools to stimulate participation and interaction in an environment that is social and accessible for all.

English and Dutch

Is working at:

DCE Expertise: Cycling planning and policy, education, engagement, electric bicycles, behaviour change, gender and equity

DCE experience/projects: For the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Angela has realized various projects:
- Program development for the ‘PeopleForBikes’ study tours (USA) and the ‘Cycling Mobility Training’ (Ecuador)
- Cycling Fellow for the city of Indianapolis
- Presentations, workshops and cycling tours for visitors to the Netherlands and at conferences abroad (US, UK, Sweden, Mexico, Australia)
- ThinkBike workshop (Israel)


- “Lessons Learned Through Training Immigrant Women in the Netherlands to Cycle”. In: Cycling Cultures, edited by Peter Cox, Chester University Press. June 2015

- “Bicycle lessons, activity participation and empowerment”. In: Elsevier Case Studies on Transport - Social Exclusion in the Countries with Advanced Transport Systems. March 2015

- “Integration beats isolation: equal planning dignity delivers dividends”. In: Enabling Cycling Cities, published for CIVITAS, European Commission. April 2013

- “Breaking out by bike: cycling courses as a means of integration and emancipation”. In: Sustainable Transport, edited by Rodney Tolley, Woodhead Publishing. 2003

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