Dick van Veen

Senior traffic engineer and urban designer, Working at Dickvanveen Street Design Public Space

Dick is a senior traffic engineer and urban designer with almost 20 years of experience. He is specialized in bridging the gap between traffic and public space, between 'flowing' and 'staying'. It is never only about just cars or traffic, but always involves the human condition. Designing is about interaction between people on the street, whether they are walking, on a bicycle, in a car, in public transport or just idling along. Street design is never a blueprint; guidelines are a starting point, not a finish line.
With his holistic view, his enthusiasm, his creativity and his thinking 'out-of-the-box', Dick has been a driver for change at many complex challenges in public space. Dick has an extensive portfolio with studies and actually build design projects throughout the Netherlands, Europe and North America. The insights collected through this broad international experience works both ways: it refreshes the way Dick looks at projects 'at home' in the Netherlands, while it offers smart insights in how to plug in that Dutch knowledge in international projects. Dick has been an expert for the Dutch Cycling Embassy from the start and has coached many workshops and design charettes. Besides that, Dick is an experienced speaker at conferences and events.

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