Dolly Cargo Bikes

The Dolly Cargo bike: innovative top quality made in Holland since 2012. The Dolly two wheeled cargo bike with its light-weight and easy handling characteristics is the perfect Family cargo bike, for both short city trips and longer distances. With Dolly you’re always ready for a smooth ride.

A Dolly Bike Family always has a very complete configuration; The unique, made in Holland, light-weight strong double walled PE plastic box is available in over 10 colours. Choose one of 4 different frame colours and create your personal Dolly. From the development, to the double layer powder coating and the complete assembly, we do everything in the Netherlands.

Since we want the Dolly to last for ages, we provide service and maintenance in the Netherlands ourselves, and we only use top high-end components. We have the strong Bafang M400 MaxDrive mid-engine, 250Watt, 80Nm peak power with standard 600Wh battery capacity, upgrade to 750Wh possible. We use the NuVinci Enviolo hub for powerful and stepless shifting, strong Ryde Big Bull rims with stainless G13 spokes, wheels are hand made in Utrecht and have Hydraulic disc brakes. We have created several workplaces for people with a distance to the labour market, with this Dolly actively participates as a Socially Responsible Company.

The Dolly professional cargo bike is equipped with a light weight (custom) flight case box.

Distribution: we sell direct to consumer in the Netherlands, with test drive, service and maintenance at home. We have a dealer network of specialised cargo bike shops in Germany, Belgium and France. We’re looking to grow this network in UK and Denmark in the next year.

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