DCE represented in London


On the 21st of November cycling expert Erik Tetteroo represented the DCE at the Cycling and Walking Innovations event in London.


The event, organized by Landor LINKS for the Department of Transport, focused on how innovation and new technologies can help local authorities in stimulating more active mobility in the United Kingdom. In his keynote, Erik Tetteroo from APPM showed how innovative concepts and improved governance approach in the Netherlands are developed to boost the levels of cycling. He presented examples of recent street design that accommodate new bicycle types, and the growing amount of bicycles in Dutch cities, and new forms of mobility management and governance.


The visitors certainly appreciated the Dutch inspiration. Such as the ‘bag of fries’ concept that was introduced in Amsterdam to provide more space for cyclist waiting for the crossing of a junction. The innovative urban planning concept of HOD, short for Hybrid bike train - or better Happiness - Oriented Development. In this concept, the inner cities are prioritized for cycling and walking. And for longer distances, multimodal trips are accommodated.
Concerning the importance of governance, Erik quoted Vladimir Poetin that: "bike is the most democratic transport vehicle".  This quote was repeated in the next session by Jesse Norman, state secretary for transport, who added that active mobile is key in the new transport policy and that the U.K. aims at doubling the number of bicycle trips within 15 years. The Dutch best practices are considered as a very attempting reference.


Erik also talked about the way a lot of people cycle nowadays and compared this to how we evolved into standing upright. This might seem like there would be no similarities between the two, but if you look closer you will see it. It took us thousands if not millions of years for the human body to walk the way we do now. And for our body, this is now the best way to walk. Yet when we cycle we lean forward to go faster. That is why Erik proposed that more people should take the more relaxed posture that the Dutch are having when cycling. This way cycling would be more comfortable, and more enjoyable! 




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