3D Digital Atlas Provides Data-Driven Insight into Accessible Cities

Modern cities face many challenges when it comes to improving the quality of life, accessibility and the environment for their inhabitants, visitors and businesses. To provide support in these issues, Logistics Community Brabant has developed the 'Atlas Accessible City' in collaboration with Argaleo. In an online 3D dashboard, governments, transport companies and entrepreneurs get insight into the accessibility of today and the possibilities for tomorrow.

The construction and improvement of cycling infrastructure, the introduction and expansion of hubs where goods can be delivered and picked up, the provision of partial vehicles through 'Mobility as a Service'; developments that all contribute to a liveable city of tomorrow. New technological innovations and the increasing demand for data-driven working demand a lot from urban planners, entrepreneurs and companies. What data do you apply to arrive at the right decision for your city?

From Data to Insight

LCB and Argaleo have developed the 'Atlas Accessible City' for this purpose. Data is visualized in a 3D map so that bottlenecks and opportunities for the accessibility of the (inner) city are visualized at a glance. The Atlas is based on all available public data sources and can be supplemented with private data. This data can be used to turn policy issues into concrete insights. Examples include walking and cycling distances to bus stops and railway stations in the Province of Noord-Brabant, the accessibility of schools by bike or the hustle and bustle of freight traffic in the inner city. "With a data-driven approach we have gained a better understanding of the opportunities for improving and expanding a high-quality cycling network, says Bicycle Programme Leader Rogier Heijltjes of the Province of Noord-Brabant.

Innovating Through Collaboration

The Atlas is the new tool for the LCB knowledge institutes (Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg University, Netherlands Defence Academy and Breda University of Applied Sciences) to link its developed knowledge on logistics and mobility to the accessibility issues of municipalities and provinces. In this way, the BUas-lectorate Urban Intelligence adds its knowledge in the field of data-driven cycling information. JADS (Jeronimus Bosch Academy for Digital Science) also participates in this innovative project. According to Joost de Kruijf as creator of the Atlas, this collaboration offers additional opportunities through the integration of the right data related knowledge, techniques and innovations.

Argaleo is indispensable in the realization of the 'Atlas Accessible City'. Argaleo collaborates with other organizations that see the usefulness of the 3D visualizations and want to showcase their knowledge. Jeroen Steenbakkers of Argaleo is also clear about challenges such as intellectual property: "The only way parties want to share knowledge and data is that it remains with the rightful owner".


The Atlas Accessible City is part of the LCB theme Liveable City. Under the umbrella of the Atlas of the Liveable City, new partial solutions are constantly being designed. The Atlas Accessible City is a result of this. In the near future the presentation of the Atlas with multimodal logistic transport flows is also planned. Together, all Atlas variants contribute to the issues and discussion around a sustainable and emission-free Brabant!

The Atlas for Your Organization

In order to introduce governments, transport companies and entrepreneurs to the possibilities, De Atlas is now being offered for introduction. Please contact Joost de Kruijf: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023
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