The Municipality of The Hague is developing a Living Lab on the coast of Scheveningen to test new technological solutions for social, economic and societal challenges. One of these technological solutions is an online Digital Twin dashboard where (live) data is visualised and can be analysed. As a first step, pedestrian and bicycle data is being examined to, among other things, support the management of peak traffic volumes.

The Hague municipality is developing a Living Lab on the Scheveningen coast to learn how digitisation and technological solutions can contribute to solutions for the city's social, economic and economic challenges. The municipality is learning what is needed for smart applications to succeed in an existing urban context, how these applications can better meet the needs of residents and which collaboration partners should be involved. One such collaboration partner is Argaleo, who have now connected their platform called DigiTwin to The Hague's data portal.

"The visualisation of data in Argaleo's dashboard helps us to easily analyse data and place it in a broader urban context. At the same time, it also enables us to anticipate social issues." Yvette Entius, programme manager for Digital Innovation & Smart Cities.

Within the Startup in Residence InterGov programme of the Dutch government, Argaleo has won an innovation competition with the concept 'Crowd Safety Manager'. The municipality of The Hague is one of the initiators and participants. This project is implemented in the Citydeal programme "A smart city, this is how you do it". In this programme, pedestrian and bicycle data will initially be linked to the dashboard to provide insight into peak traffic volumes in the city.

Within the municipality of The Hague, various municipal departments have shown an interest in providing visual insight into various data sources via the Digital Twin, for example in the area of the environment, supervision and enforcement and mobility. At the same time, in this cooperation, the municipality wants to further investigate how data from different sources can be accessed and shared via the Digital Twin. An example is data from the smart sound sensors that are now hanging in Scheveningen. With this, the Digital Twin can support short and long term insight into social issues of the city of tomorrow.

For more information please contact Jeroen Steenbakkers, Owner Argaleo or Rinse Gorter, Municipality of The Hague.