Liven Up Your Street with Coloured Asphalt

The International Coloured Asphalt Foundation (ICAF) was founded by Ventraco BV, Rotim Steenbouw BV, and Ooms PmB. We want to inspire architects, designers, principles and local governments to use coloured asphalt for a more colourful urban society. The ICAF wants to create a platform for people who are interested in using coloured asphalt, to share their ideas and experiences and give any technical support needed.

Coloured Asphalt
Traditional asphalt for paving is black. What few people know is that asphalt pavements can be coloured into a wide range of colour shades. Coloured asphalt is an excellent choice for surfaces which need that extra bit of attention and will help you to achieve your goals for safety, pavement aesthetics and durability. Coloured asphalt is a durable solution with similar mechanical resistance as normal asphalt, it improves safety due to attention and separation of traffic functions and offers a wide variety of landscaping possibilities. Application areas are bus lanes, speed bumps, bicycle lanes, parking areas, squares, playgrounds and footpaths. Next to Red asphalt many different colours can be made: green, white, yellow, blue, grey and even purple or orange.

Bitumen and Clear Binder
Most people are familiar with Red or brownish asphalt which is often used for cycling lanes. Red asphalt is the only colour which can be produced with traditional black bitumen. This will give the asphalt a brownish red colour. If you are looking for a brighter red you will have to use a Clear Binder. For all other colours of asphalt, you also need a clear (transparent) binder to get a proper colour. Coloured asphalt consists of clear (transparent) binder, colour pigments and aggregates. Coloured aggregates are recommended to achieve a durable colour. By carefully selecting the right configuration of binder, pigments and aggregates, nearly every desired colour is possible!

Pigments - ColorFalt®
Traditionally asphalt was coloured with powder pigments. However, there are some disadvantages working with powder pigments at the asphalt plants: dust and debris! Therefore, Ventraco has developed a pigment pellet which can be applied very easily and has specifically been designed for the road building industry. This colour pellet is Ventraco's first innovation and was introduced in the market under the brand name ColorFalt®. In the meanwhile hundreds of thousands of tons of coloured asphalt have been produced with ColorFalt colour pellets in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.

More information
There are many aspects to consider when you want to use coloured asphalt for one of your projects. ICAF has many years of experience in numerous applications. From small playfields to many kilometres of cycling lanes. If you need advice or want to get in contact with the right people in your country we invite you to contact us. We can help you further for technical advice and in finding the right partners for coloured asphalt all over the globe. 

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