How accessible are schools in the province of Utrecht by bicycle? And where would a bicycle tunnel be most effective? Questions that can be answered by the Atlas 'Cyclable Utrecht' dashboard, available as of now. Atlas is a digital environment with public data combined with bicycle accessibility analyses. With Atlas, the use of bicycles can be monitored, but also possible bottlenecks in the bicycle network, such as delays at traffic lights. The tool was developed for the province of Utrecht by Breda University of Science (BUAS) and Argaleo to make data-driven policy information available in a user-friendly and centralised manner.

With Atlas, policymakers, entrepreneurs and research institutions can develop more user-friendly cycling infrastructure and policies. The tool contains a detailed 3D map of the province of Utrecht with general information about the built environment and information about the bicycle network, express cycle routes and, for example, the bicycle accessibility of important locations.

Developing together

Atlas is in constant development. In a learning community, data-driven cycling knowledge is developed and shared with other regions. In this way, knowledge can be developed, secured and shared on an (inter)national level.

Take a look

Take a look at Atlas 'Cyclable Utrecht' (In Dutch) by registering for a free account here.

For more information please contact Tess Beekman, Province of Utrecht.