Munich delegation visits NL


On 29th November 2017, the members of Dutch Cycling Embassy and Fietsersbond, held a meeting with delegates from Munich, Germany.

Location: Fietsersbond, Utrecht
Agenda: The basic discussion of the meeting was on different Mobility issues, not only the active mobility, but also on autonomous vehicles and their influence on mobility behavior on users of active mobility. In active mobility, the focus was on pedestrian and cyclist conflicts.

The delegates from Munich presented their issues and other concepts on which they wanted to know the Dutch perspective. The following are the brief points:
• Munich promotes itself as Radlhauptstadt(Bicycle capital), however, not much development can be seen in actually cycling measures in the city.
• Lack of Political will to take the space away from the carriageway which is meant for the cars.
• Walk 21, 2013 conference is not perceived very well by people in Munich, as people felt that this initiative is like teaching them how to walk!
• Other successful projects in the city like ‘Reinheitsgebot, fur Munchener Luft’ were discussed.
Apart from the above, topics of automated vehicles and driver assistance systems and their influence on mobility behavior on users of active mobility, were discussed, as there is a growing interest in the same. Discussion on this topic is still ongoing, as there is a lot of uncertainties in the interaction between the different road users, not to mention the freedom for the users with the speed limits.

The Dutch team as an introduction, explained the current scenario of active mobility in Netherlands. The following are the brief points:
• The basic details about finances and budget of cycling in Netherlands (approx. 600 million euros/ year by National and National governments) were mentioned.
• In Netherlands, the focus of active mobility was on cycling. However, from the last 2-3 years, pedestrian issues are also equally valued, and their issues are taken more seriously.
• Dutch cycling is focused everywhere now, as cities are not just thinking about mobility, but also livability of the cities, health aspects, etc.

Towards the last part of the meeting, Edward explained how the Dutch Cycling Embassy can help and play an active role in promoting and improving cycling in the city of Munich. After the meeting, delegates and members from the DCE went on a short casual tour to the city center of Rotterdam and surroundings.

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