Commissioned by DERSA (Road development for the state of Sao Paulo) and the municipalities of Santos and Guaruja; the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Royal Haskoning DHV, and Posad, worked together on a Bicycle Master Plan for both cities. The purpose of the master plan is to integrate the existing cycling netwrok of both cities to other modalities. Both Santos and Guaruja are already known in Brazil as cycling cities, and have about 60,000 people ride a bicycle every day. The bicycle is especially the main form of transportation for lower income citizens in both cities. Currently, non-motorists need to board a ferry to gain access to the other side of the river, which can be time-costly, and hectic due to ferry and shipping boat conflicts. 

20160407 Santos and Guaruja ask Dutch advise on Stimulating Cycling

(Photo: Bussy ferry in between Santos and Guaruja)

Royal Haskoning DHV is currently working on an immersed tunnel, which will provide a direct connection between the two cities. With the new tunnel finishing soon, there are new opportunities for improved use and multi-modal infrastructure. One of the results of the Cycling Master Plan is to construct a cycling tube in the center of the tunnel for both bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The future tunnel will provide a faster, safer, and more comfortable environment for cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, it gives both sides of the tunnel substantial opportunities for development, and hopefully a big role for the bicycle. 

In addition to the work on the Cycling Master Plan, the project team also helped train the local technicians through interective workshops. In the future, this will progress the cycling infrastructure even further in both cities, because the municipal authorities can continue the work themselves and improve the connectivitiy of existing cycling routes to the new tunnel. 

For more infomation: RHDHV and POSAD

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