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Award given to oldest Dutch cyclist

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On February 12th, the “Gouden Trapper” (Golden Pedal) was awarded as part of the program “Doortrappen”.

"Doortrappen" (Pedal Ahead) is part of the Tour de Force 2020 objective 6, which aims at decreasing the number of victims due to cycling accidents. The program Doortrappen aims to make senior citizens aware of the risks of cycling at an older age, and what actions can be undertaken to prevent accidents from happening.

Gerrit Scheenstra was awarded the Gouden Trapper by Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management. Gerrit still cycles on a regular basis at an astonishing age of 97!

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen emphasized on the importance of cycling, especially for the elderly: “The bicycle for the elderly is an indispensable way of staying fit, maintaining social contacts, experience freedom and to enjoy the city & nature. Cycling seniors tend to remain independent longer and are less lonely. We don’t want them to step off the bicycle, but to continue cycling in a safe matter. The approach and tools of the program Doortrappen are there to assist this goal.”
More information on this program can be found on their recently launched website.

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