The Dutch Cycling Embassy offers different custom-made services to everyone who wants to know more about Dutch expertise, products and services concerning cycling inclusive mobility or who would like to improve cycling:


The best way to experience the Dutch cycling culture is to come to the Netherlands and cycle. For this purpose, we offer tailored cycling tours to you and your whole team. Depending on your interests and time constraints, we can plan a short city tour or an expanded trip through rural areas.

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Are you convinced of the Dutch principles of cycling inclusive mobility? Would you like to improve cycling in your local community? The Dutch Cycling Embassy can help you realize achievable solutions customized for your specific community needs.

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Once a solution has been finalized, we can match you with the perfect partner from our network of more than 50 Dutch member organizations from private, public, non-profit, and knowledge institutions.


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Whether you’d like to learn about (urban) cycling by taking a Training about (cycling) Infrastructure, joining a monthly webinar or specific E-course; or if you’re looking for a Master at a Dutch University where you can learn about cycling, this LEARN-page is the location to explore your options for the future.

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