Once a solution has been finalized, we can match you with the perfect partner from our network of more than 50 Dutch member organizations from private, public, non-profit, and knowledge institutions.

Moreover, we can provide you with…

  • courses for professionals about cycling design, technical requirements, etc.
  • seminars and round tables to receive international input
  • support and consultation on pilot projects
  • an advisory board for large-scale mobility programs

    The Cycling Fellow program is designed to make a (foreign) city more bike-friendly. Cities that like to qualify for this program are connected with a qualified Dutch Cycling Fellow by the DCE. The program entails three visits.

    • A two-day visit of one (or two) Dutch bike experts to a qualifying city. During that time they are shown around by city representatives to experience the local bike culture and are made aware of the city’s mobility policies that are in place and the city’s ambitions; -
    • Next, a delegation of the city will bring a visit to the Netherlands for several days where they will visit two different Dutch cities to learn about the Dutch biking culture and the various facilities. Background information will be provided of how the Dutch bike culture developed over the years; 
    • Concluding, the Dutch fellow(s) will visit the (foreign) city again. This time the mutual lessons learned from both earlier visits will be combined with an emphasis to make the qualifying city more bike-friendly. Both city representatives and the cycling fellows will see how successful Dutch bike policies can be translated into the fellow city under the watchful eye of the Dutch bike expert. 

    Fees: daily/hourly rates and travel expenses


    Four times a year, a Dutch cycling expert team visits a city or country to engage with local professionals to work on fine-tuning an existing bike project or to start a totally new bike project. The main purpose of this cooperation is co-creation and co-production of both parties in all aspects: design, revision of plans, set up campaigns, plan bike routes, process, design strategies to involve neighborhoods or regions., etc.

    Fees: daily/hourly rates and travel expenses

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